Kiddie Sized Trailer Review: The Equalizer

So, just watched the trailer for Antoine Fuqua’s remake of The Equalizer (remake of a late 80s television series that I barely remember).  We see Denzel Washington kicking butt here which is very very familiar territory for audiences.  Not knowing the source material at all, my first thought at seeing this was Jack Reacher except add the violence of the film Man of Fire.  Oh wait, Denzel Washington already did that movie!  Well, this trailer is pretty plain vanilla, but for me, like Tom Cruise movies, I just can’t get enough of those two actors running around and laying down the hammer on bad guys.  Really not too much to discuss or mention as the trailer really just tells the whole story.  Hoping there is more perspective into the past of Denzel’s character, and how that will be interwoven with the current “mission”.   But, honestly, at this point, based on this type of trailer, with so much competing entertainment choices, this is cable viewing regardless of the magic that the director Fuqua and Denzel had in Training Day which was back in 2001!

 Verdict: Having a tea party now. Watch later if it’s on cable.




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