Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – Fury

I have been waiting for a war movie focused on tanks.  Seriously.  I find that environment to be fascinating due to its close quarters (similar to a submarine).  It has a wonderful ability to exemplify teamwork, strife, leadership, emotions and intense pressure.  How do people persevere?  How come they don’t?  Too many questions to list here, but you get what I am saying.  The good news is that this film has tanks, Brad Pitt and Michael Pena.  The bad news is that it also has Shia LaBeouf.  I am just not that big a fan of his acting.  I think he is a bit overrated.  Maybe the trailer folks understood that because he is not shown that much.  The setup of the film appears to take the viewers on this journey through the eyes of a newbie tank member.  A very time tested and effective way for the viewers to be fed everything they need to stay alert and informed during this film.  I am very much interested at what new ways this film will be shot for purposes of exploring the tank battles.  What new visuals will turn up that can help bring the chaos and emotion of war from this enclosed steel box.  Also, David Ayer is at the helm.  Someone that has been in the writing and direction of gritty street crime and police action dramas.  Certainly, based on the way the trailer looks as well as Brad Pitt’s character stating the words killing and dieing numerous times, gritty will be making an appearance over in this film.  The pinnacle of this trailer is the question of whether this crew and its tank will survive its greatest challenge of succeeding against insurmountable odds which as viewers leaves you something to ponder and wanting more.

Verdict: Call the babysitter. Going to the theater.



Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – The Judge

So, a quick recess from blogging but back at again.  So, here is the classic trailer where you here a lot of one-liners, but they are one-liners delivered by a couple of acting heavy weights.  Despite, the humorous introduction (which was great since most people would expect Robert Downey Jr. to play some type of smart-ass), this role appears to have more emotional conflict and introspective for Downey Jr.  For my money, who doesn’t want to see Robert Duvall act in anything.  It will be really interesting to see how serious this film plays out as I only know the director, David Dobkin, from his comedy films (notably Wedding Crashers) which do have some emotional introspection but the weight is very very little compared to the rest of the film.  I didn’t like Vera Farmiga in this trailer because though it looks as if she is helping and doling out good advice to Downey Jr.’s character I feel as if the role might be trivialized which sucks as Farmiga is seemingly the only female in this film.  And, please, someone help me if there is any romantic connection between the two characters in this film.  I will just scream.  OK, well, you probably just watched this trailer.  What did you think?  Don’t trust my wacky opinions and interpretations.  You be the judge.

Verdict: Kids are asleep. Watching it on VOD.


Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – The Good Lie

I couldn’t tell with this trailer if I would be watching some different form documentary or some higher quality cable movie production, and I am not talking about paid cable channels like HBO.  This film does have a unique perspective that the four Sudanese actors are actually from Sudan, and some had the terrible experience of being children of war.  The concern there is that they “over-act” in the sense that they play their roles too Hollywood like and not authentic enough.  It must be a difficult role to play to have to relive some terrible experience like the ones focused in the film.  I didn’t particularly enjoy Reese Witherspoon in the trailer scenes.  For some reason, the whole time I am waiting for Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts to open the door, and say “I’ll take it from here Reese”.  Anyway, I also didn’t enjoy the way the trailer played out with all the words and singing.  I wanted to feel more emotional weight, and get absorbed into this story, but I felt like I just couldn’t get comfortable.  I thought I was watching the trailer to “Million Dollar Arm”.  My first impression in watching this trailer is “The Visitor” starring Richard Jenkins which I thought was an amazing movie with tons of emotional weight, and maybe this film does too, but this trailer is sapping its energy.  Get the marketing folks back on the line to fix this! Well, maybe I have to just take a leap of faith here, so I can watch something that will spotlight a serious issue that I know very little about.  What all trailers are suppose to do best is sell their audience that you can’t miss this film, or as I like to call it, the good lie.

Verdict: Having a tea party now. Watch later if it’s on cable.


Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – No Good Deed

I got drawn to this trailer because I saw that Idris Elba was the lead in this film, and I just want to see him in more stuff.  An actor with great range from being a leader to the supposed monster we see in this trailer.  I didn’t know Tarji Henson which I feel a bit silly since she was nominated for an Academy Award a few years ago.  Anyway, the trailer establishes all the essentials for its viewers.  We see Elba’s character as just pure evil (curious as to if there will be some background story into the behavior or if it is just set that this character is bad and we don’t need to know anything else).  We see that Henson becomes the protective mother willing to do anything to bring her children to safety.  All of this sets up the inevitable, and from the way the trailer is cut, multiple physical confrontations between Elba and Henson.  Where will this movie take us?  Is there some sort of “soft spot” by Elba’s character because there are children involved? Does his evil rage continue at the same level that the trailer shows us?  You get the feeling from the trailer that Henson’s character will overcome this nightmarish ordeal, but at what costs? I don’t want to make it sound as if anything shown is original in this trailer.  Home invasion and kidnapping have been done plenty in films, but I feel different on this because of Elba. On a quick side not, thank you trailer for showing that the fire extinguisher can be used more than its intended use!  Also, can we stop just answering the door randomly in the 21st century (this message is more to the film world than real world).  Believe me. I am all for a sense of community, but let’s be careful out there.  We can all think a little before we perform a friendly act that turns on its head as a no good deed.

Verdict: Kids are asleep. Watching it on VOD.


Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – The Interview

Isn’t it great that these types of movies can be made in Hollywood? Seth Rogen (not the biggest fan but can appreciate the work) is able to push the envelope with silly ideas, and thankfully, James Franco joins him down the rabbit-hole.  It’s always a sign of good movie viewing for the audience when you have two actors that have great on film chemistry. Also, it just seems that the characters Franco plays in his co-starring roles with Rogen are believable, and that he would be them in real life.  I guess that’s the sign of a great actor? OK.  First impressions on the film from the trailer, this is like a smarter and slicker and certainly more hyper version of Spies Like Us smashed with Team America. Lots of surreal action sequences litter the trailer with a lot of screaming faces and overacting. I love that as I am big fan on the physical and facial comedy. Rogen has been on a hot streak with his movies lately especially with his writing partner and friend Evan Goldberg. So, we have some nice entertainment precedent leading into this film. Speaking of Rogen and Goldberg, they were running around on the podcast circuit last year promoting This Is The End. One of my favorites was their conversation with comic Marc Maron on the WTF podcast. Some insightful and dear I say inspirational talk into how a couple of friends from Canada have navigated and stuck together in following their dreams of making movies. You should definitely take a listen to the interview.


Verdict: Kids are asleep. Watching it on VOD.


Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – Birdman

I love this concept.  Movie star who played a big superhero icon who has since faded from those glory film days.  Michael Keaton fits this lead role to a T.  Arguably there is some real life truth (Personally, I don’t think much. Meaning, I don’t think he’s fallen that far from the days of Batman).  As the trailer music of Crazy by Gnarls Barkely plays in the background, is Keaton’s character crazy?  Not a lot of shown is here just yet with this teaser trailer, but I very much like all the leads listed especially the play between Keaton and Edward Norton’s characters which you see the fight at the end of the trailer.  Very nice touch of the crashing drum solo with the film credits being highlighted.  That was simple and creative.  It’s those little moments that are just specific to the trailer and not in the actual film that automatically gives the overall film a little glimpse of character.  I am excited about this.  The subject matter could not more relevant in today’s heavy superhero film world.  Honestly, I am not complaining that much about it.  I do enjoy these superhero films, but it’s great and necessary to hear and watch things that may poke fun and/or give another opinion on the seemingly cookie cutter superhero factory.  We don’t always want to hear the same cheesy superhero taglines.  In reality, you do look up at the sky and say, it’s a bird, man.

Verdict: Kids are asleep. Watching it on VOD.





Kiddie Sized Trailer Review – Dumb and Dumber To

Stupid fun here.  Wow.  Is that the reason that laughed just a little bit at this trailer?! 20 years? 20 years! Wow.  That shouldn’t be a knock on this movie that it took this long.  But, the real question here is this, dear I say, franchise stale?  Probably not.  Enough people want to see the old Jim Carrey doing really dumb things with lots more physical humor.  Despite quoting a few lines from the original, for me personally, I don’t go back to the original a whole lot.  Certainly, some funny moments, but again, humor from the early ’90s.  Remember the early ’90s when Lauren Holly was a thing (If you want to get your Lauren Holly fix in checkout here uncredited role in Crank: High Voltage. Amazing to say the least).  Anyway, first impressions here are that this will be a so-so Farrelly Brothers comedy.  Certainly, a few choice moments of comedy (in the trailer, I laughed at the ending cell phone scene. Why?! I don’t know!), and the whole magic of Carrey and Jeff Daniels together will bring out moments where there are none in this film, but overall this movie is to be enjoyed with a drink or two and a couple of buddies.  Maybe you can get together with the same friends you saw this movie with in the ’90s to relive a little youth comedy magic.  I am sure you’ve reconnected with them on some social media platform.  Most importantly, don’t forget to invite dumb and dumber to.

Verdict: Having a tea party now. Watch later if it’s on cable.